Rental Properties in Big Rapids

The information on the properties listed below is received by the property owners themselves and their preferred method of contact is indicated on each individual listing. When you're searching for houses for rent in Big Rapids, MI, please contact the property owner for more information.

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6879 cypress // big rapids

Big Rapids6879 Cypress


2 Bdrm     1 Bath

EMAIL: Mark Wentland


CURRENTLY LEASED-$900 per month or $1300 for three students, 12 month lease required,  2 bedrooms, plus large upstairs finished bonus room, 1 bath. Washer/Dryer/AC/1 Car Garage.. Great hilltop setting with large lawn. No pets, no smoking, deposit and references required.


6996 dogwood // big rapids

6996 Dogwood, Big Rapids, Brown Home6996 Dogwood


3 Bdrm   2 Bath

EMAIL: Mark Wentland

AVAILABLE NOW-$1250 per month or $1500/month for 3 students. Minimum 12 month lease. Plus utilities. 3 Bedroom, 2 bath, 6 miles west of BR. Washer/dryer/air/2 car garage. No smoking, no pets, deposit and references required.